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Full-time work

Recruiters are annoying. They are expensive for companies as well. Cut out the middle-man and talk directly to companies looking for people like you.

Contracting opportunities

Sometimes you just need a little extra bandwidth on a project. Sometimes you just want to put in a few extra hours. Don't waste time training someone up when there are already seasoned professionals out there. Find short-term opportunities and those looking for opportunities.

Good companies, good people

Everyone listed on are rated and vetted. Don't waste time making a bad hire, if the fit doesn't work out or your project move on. Repeat companies are rated and vetted as well giving transparency on both ends.

Finding work

Finding work is simple. You can browse available opportunities now or sign up to be notified when new opportunities are added.

  • Contact companies looking for people like you.
  • Leave feedback along the way.
  • Well defined success criteria kills scope creep.
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Finding People

Recruiting isn't fun. Finding good talent looking for a good opportunity is tough. Stop hiring bad fits and start getting work done.

Great people deserve great opportunities. Find talent that fits your needs, not talent you have to mold in to what you need.

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We charge 5% to the lister and 5% when you finish work. This is to continue to pay for development on this platform.

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